Our Team

Ken Powell

Ken is an expert virologist who worked in academia (Birmingham, Leeds and UCL in the UK and Baylor College of Medicine and University of Michigan in the USA), later joining the world leading antiviral company The Wellcome Foundation. At Wellcome he co-invented the first robotic HTS technology – Haystack. Then, as Professor of Virology and Cell Biology and Deputy Director of the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, he had responsibility for commercial activity including setting up five biotechnology start-up companies. Ken went on to set up Arrow Therapeutics Ltd and ReViral Ltd (specialised antiviral drug discovery companies). He has been involved in the development of multiple drugs including antiviral compounds against herpes viruses, HIV, Hepatitis C and RSV.

Eddy Littler

Eddy has been a virologist for around 40 years, first in academia, then joining Wellcome Research Laboratories in the UK, eventually becoming responsible for about half of the antiviral research programmes. He then entered GSK during the M&A as Head of Antiviral Research. His next move was to Sweden where he worked for pharmaceutical company Medivir as Senior Director of Lead Discovery and Head of the UK site. Here, the Hepatitis C drug simeprevir was discovered, later marketed by J&J. Then, after a journey into the CRO space, Eddy joined ReViral Ltd, initially as CEO and then as COO.

Stuart Cockerill

After a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Leeds and a Post-Doctoral fellowship at Cornell University (USA), Stuart joined the Wellcome Foundation. After initial work on antivirals at Wellcome he moved into Oncology at GlaxoWellcome where he helped design and develop Tykerb™, a breast cancer treatment of which he is a co-inventor, now marketed by Novartis. Subsequently, Stuart spent ten years at Arrow Therapeutics and Astra Zeneca where he progressed compounds into clinical trials against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (N-protein inhibitors) and Hepatitis C Virus (NS5A and polymerase inhibitors). Stuart is a co-founder of ReViral Ltd, a company currently progressing sisunatovir and RV299 as inhibitors of Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Richard Angell

For the past 25 years Richard has been involved in the initiation of new drug discovery projects in pharma, biotech and academic settings. Richard started as a medicinal chemist at Glaxo (and GlaxoWellcome) where he was involved in early stage drug discovery projects, directed towards kinase inhibition. At Arrow Therapeutics and AstraZeneca his team initiated medium and high throughput screening campaigns and converted hit molecules into robust leads for the RSV & HCV portfolios. Richard was a co-founder of ReViral Ltd in 2011. For the past 9 years, Richard has been leading teams focused on converting high quality novel academic science into investment-ready drug discovery projects at UCL and, more recently, Cardiff University.

Brad Theobald

Brad spent his early career with major multinational law firms, and for the past 20 years has focused on working very closely with innovative technology and drug discovery companies within the pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology settings. Throughout this time, Brad has been involved in providing the full range of legal support to clients with numerous research-driven technologies and products, in both the commercial and academic contexts. Having worked extensively with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, Brad founded Theobald Associates in 2011, a practice with a strong reputation for successfully delivering support to clients in transactional, collaborative and licensing contexts, with the ambition to develop a deep understanding of their business and provide support through funding, R&D and into product realisation.

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