3C CIC Incorporated

London, June 1, 2020 – Collaborative Community Against Coronavirus C.I.C., a not-for-profit collaborative dedicated to ensuring that the worldwide community is better prepared for the epidemics caused by viruses, today announced that the not-for-profit company was formed in April 2020 as a community interest company by a group of leading industrial scientists, virologists, and medicinal chemists, with a track record of designing inhibitors of the genome replication process of diverse virus groups as antiviral medicines.

The management team (Dr Ken Powell, Dr Edward Littler, Dr Stuart Cockerill, Dr Richard Angell) have experience of leading drug discovery projects through to clinical testing and beyond in both pharma and biotech settings as well as a track record of raising >£150M to support antiviral drug discovery/development. The company will use its expertise and network to further projects via collaborative applications with our network to charitable and philanthropic donors.

We believe that there is an urgent need to establish libraries of ‘poised’ antiviral molecules that can be rapidly deployed against emergent viral infections. To be effective, we believe these must be targeted to core viral mechanisms, common across the viral family and with high levels of conservation. We highlight the coronavirus polymerase as a druggable antiviral target which is conserved across the viral family.

For media, investor & collaborator enquiries, please contact:

Collaborative Community Against Coronavirus C.I.C.
Dr Eddy Littler & Dr Richard Angell
E: r.angell@3ccorona.com

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